"Tom Risley makes art that has consistently been surprising and challenging.
Shaped by a quirky and wry vision..." Queensland Art Gallery

Father's Day Still Life

Tom Risley was an Artist who lived & worked in Herberton a small mining town in North Qld Australia.

Tom is a well estabilished artist & is represented widely in Private Collections as well Regional, State & National Gallery Collections in Australia.  He is also represented in overseas collections.

Tom Risley had a great capacity to keep pursuing new ideas & surprising his audiences. His work has ranged from being quite raw & gestural, gradually evolving into the more sophisticated & contemplative work of the last several years, where the found material is less dominant in the composition, and in some series absent altogether.

Tom's work was always related to the environment he was in, be it internationally or locally, which spans from where he lived in Herberton - a small ex tin mining town in the Far North  of Australia - to Western Queensland. His journeys took him from old disused dumps  to the isolated east coast, from Cooktown to Cape York.  Toms boat trips accompanied by his dogs, were very much part of his work, the time being  spent enjoying  the solitude,  fishing & collecting material which may be used in future work.  This solitude was very important for Tom, uninterrupted thinking time & recharging his batteries, thus enabling him to get a new series of work underway on his return home.

The death of Tom recently, will mean, the loss, not only of a great artist, but also a man who's intellect always inspired people & certainly gave one something to think about as his art always did.  He will be sadly missed by all walks of life.

Crocodile Sculpture